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August 13-14, 2021 – A Two Day Virtual Conference

Welcome to Passion Talks 2021: Compelled by Hope.

As we explore the role of hopeful dialogue, we will provide space to reflect, inspire and activate a lifestyle of lived out faith in a world that has much to overcome. We invite you to share in the stories, lessons, strategies, passions, and works of faith that are fueling hope for the better world we all know is possible.

An Intellectual Faith Movement

We are an intellectual faith movement where humble dialogue generates opportunities to understand creation’s original purpose. We believe that mind+spirit brings forth compelling creativity, innovation, justice and truth that leads to action. 

Passion Talks answers why we do what we do, why we care, and how this ties to our personal story. We seek to answer both why and how to live for a better world.

Our Sessions

Friday, August 13, 2021

Marketplace Session: God’s Work At Work 

Our ministry as Christians is not limited to full-time vocational ministry, but rather includes all our roles in the workplace. Explore and engage with the myriad of ways that we serve as image bearers of God in the workplaces we’ve each been called to. We will ask and explore questions around the purpose and meaning of work in light of our faith to develop a more expansive understanding of how deeply God cares about our day-to-day work in the secular marketplace.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Technology Session: Cultivating Hope Online  

Growing Digital Ministry Beyond 2021 — Welcoming hundreds of professors to a digital dinner party to explore the big questions about science and faith. Creating a profound pilgrimage experience when most people are stuck in their neighborhoods. Worshiping together across thousands of miles. In the midst of the very real difficulties of the pandemic, many faith-oriented nonprofits grew their digital creativity, bringing hope and expanding community in unexpected ways. Join us to hear how digital innovation helped faith communities thrive amid hardship, and how continuing that innovation can deepen their impact for the common good. 

Leadership Session: Integrated Leadership 

Effective, resilient leadership is needed now more than ever.  While leaders are being called on to develop and apply new skills and values to provide vision, hope, and direction in these challenging times, we also want to highlight the need to attend to the “inner” life of a leader, including character, spirituality, emotions, and intellect.  We will contemplate how our inner life shapes our leadership and the importance of integrating all aspects of who we are.

Lausanne Session: Cultivating Hope Around The Globe

Since 1974 the Lausanne Movement has been “connecting influencers and ideas for global mission.” Through global friendships forged through this network, many incredible things have happened for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. Not to mention, the Lausanne Covenant, Manila Manifesto, and Cape Town Commitment, all produced by Lausanne thinkers and practitioners, have become valuable documents for the global Church. This session, hosted by Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Generation, will introduce you to some of the many exciting things God is doing around the world.

Technology Session: Serving 2.0 

Bringing about greater good often starts with seeing the world authentically and then serving them contextually. As the needs of the world evolve past food, water, and medicine, how can we be of better service to bring lasting impact? How can we use technology and innovative solutions to meet the needs of others? Could the very skills we’re blessed with and invest in at work produce new expressions of love? We’ll dive into ways our work can be fully aligned and multiple our impact to our greater purpose in life.

For this year’s Passion Talks conference, we offer speakers a chance for deeper conversation in our virtual poster session. As these are talks that we feel would benefit from a more personal discussion setting, we are providing this interactive format during this year’s conference through Gather.Town. 

Poster Session: Join Us on Gather.Town

This is a many-to-many relational community format, which allows for more respectful dialogue (as opposed to the one-to-many communication model applied in lectures, sermons, etc.) In the academic and scientific spaces, poster presentations have demonstrated value in facilitating the sharing of diverse perspectives for innovation and positive change.

Innovation Session: R&D Work in Universities and Beyond

Research and Development (R&D) is focused on the early stage of an idea that has yet to be fully evaluated or implemented to solve the intended problem. Therefore, there is an element of hopefulness that is embedded in research itself. Academics and research scientists around the country and world are daily investigating R&D problems with the hope that their work will one day solve an important problem, enhance our understanding of the universe, drastically improve human life, or train the next generation to do good work. In this session, we will hear from researchers in health science, engineering, medicine, business, and education about the R&D work they are doing, what they hope for, and how they think of their work and workplaces in light of their faith.

Justice Session: Justice and Bridge Building

Followers of Jesus are called to be bridge builders, but the work of creating vulnerable and disruptive space is challenging and not easy. This session will invite speakers from different backgrounds to share about how to build bridges towards those who no longer have the energy for it. How can we love our neighbors by inviting them into a safe community? What are the questions we should ask, and experiences they would like to share? How do we create the capacity to listen and speak through emotionally intense times?

Join us August 13th -14th

Shaping the Discussion Around Passion and Faith

What does it mean to flourish and thrive? It starts with confidence in where we are at and decisions that move us in the best of directions. By default, we define ourselves relative to our circumstances and institutions, but even when we achieve our goals, we can still be unfulfilled and lost as to where to go next. For better or for worse, when we are indecisive, society decides for us. Of all the signals we cultivate, passion is one of the clearest indications of our personal alignment in value, purpose, and meaning. For more than 10 years, Passion Talks has been igniting conversations at the intersection of passion and faith,